Nature & Parks

Maksimir Park

Maksimir is the biggest city park, with beautiful greenery, forests and wooded areas, lakes and streams, many promenades and walking paths. It is protected as a monument of landscape architecture. There is also a large City Zoo in the park.



This quiet place is one of the most romantic places in Zagreb. With the green and floral promenade and unique atmosphere, especially in the time of autumn colors, it is the perfect location for art lovers to enjoy.


The Jarun lake

The Jarun Lake is known as a recreational sports center and a popular nightlife location. During the day you can enjoy beaches and sport activities, from a jogging lane around the lake to waterskiing, volleyball, football, basketball, handball, table tennis and more. There are also popular night clubs and a discothèque.


Botanical garden Zagreb

Botanical gardens form the southern part of the green belt of the city, known as the Lenuci’s Horseshoe. The greenery with wonderful scents and peaceful feeling are a good reason not to miss this oasis. In these gardens there is a collection of about 10,000 plant species – from exotic imports to indigenous Croatian plants.


The Medvednica mountain (Sljeme)

The Medvednica mountain (Croatian: Zagrebačka gora), and its highest peak Sljeme are popular places for relaxation, recreation or picnic, where locals escape from the urban noise. It has many hiking trails and ski slopes where you can spend the whole day. Don’t miss Medvedgrad, one of the largest medieval fortresses in the country.


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