Sport and adventure in Zagreb

Kayaking at the Mrežnica canyon

Due to the clear emerald water, unspoiled woods and pure untouched nature, kayaking at the Mreznica canyon is a beautiful experience. The water temperature in this river with numerous travertine waterfalls can reach up to 27 degrees Celsius in the summer. Mreznica is also home of many endangered and protected plant and animal species.


Zagreb cycling tours 

Experience Zagreb by bicycles with genuine local guides, in a warm, friendly and informal atmosphere. Zagreb cycling tours include the major sights in the city, nearby forest hills or a medieval route on the Medvednica mountain.


Skydiving in Zagreb 

Experience the excitement of skydiving in Zagreb with no need of previous training sessions, knowledge or medical examinations. You can skydive tied to an authorized and skilled instructor who will guide you through the short, simple breafing before the jump.


Indoor climbing rock in Zagreb 

Test and challenge yourself on an indoor climbing rock, through an intense workout. You can bring your kids, as a climbing group for children is also available.


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