POI & Landmarks

Upper Town (Gornji Grad)

This historic part of the city, 1,000 years old, has unique atmosphere, with cobbled streets lit by gas lamps. There are many museums and galleries as well as significant buildings, like the iconic Church of St Mark, The Presidential Palace, the Croatian parliament (Sabor) and others.



King Tomislav square

This is a large square with a green area known for the monument of the king Tomislav on horseback, a work of the sculptor Robert Frangeš Mihanović. Tomislav was the first king of Croatia who defended the country from Hungarian attacks.



Tkalciceva street

This picturesque and vibrant street is a great location to enjoy a coffee or a meal in some of the numerous places to eat and drink. You should take a walk after dark, when all the shops and cafes are lit up, giving the street a very romantic feel.



Mirogoj cemetery

This is the main cemetery of the city known for its beautiful architecture with monumental arcades, domed gatehouses and pavilion chapels. It is a very relaxing and sacred place located on a low hill outside the city center. It feels more like a park than a cemetery.



Ban Jelacic square

The City main square was designed in 1641 and is the central point of the modern Zagreb. It is best known for the statue of Ban Josip Jelačić. The statue used to point to the North in the direction of Hungary, but the direction was changed after Croatia and Hungary made peace.



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